Martini Bianco 100cl / 12

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Martini Offers

1200-2400 cs MARTINI  Rosso 6/100/15  at 30.95 Euros  / 3 weeks T2

600-900 cs MARTINI  Rosso   6/150/15  at 42.95 Euros  / 2-3 weeks  T2

1200-2400 cs MARTINI  Bianco 6/100/15  at 30.95 Euros / 3 weeks T2

600-900 cs MARTINI  Bianco  6/150/15  at 42.85 Euros /  2-3 weeks  T2

1800 cs MARTINI  Rosso 6/100/15    ( neutral case )  at 29.80 Euros / next week  T2

1796 cs MARTINI  Bianco 6/100/15   ( neutral case )  at 29.80 Euros  / next week  T2



MOQ: Negotiable

Status: T1 and T20

Viewings only done by S.G.S.

Payment terms are: 30% deposit against Proforma and balance against Pre advice,  

Payment terms are:  Escrow NL

Payment escrow is negotiable

(Cost Escrow is for the buyer).

It is forbidden to contact our sellers or suppliers directly (See our general terms and conditions).

Price is/can by sensitive to exchange rate

No rights are given to an image

Prices is subject to change

Changes and errors reserved.

Offer from: 2016-11-05

Product code: 7069

Note: All offers subject to prior sale - first come-first served

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