How to buy

The procedure to buy a stock of Stock Mediators B.V.

When u interessed in buying goods from Stock Mediators you must meet the following requirements:

We need from your company an official L.O.I. or I.C.P.O.

LOI Letter of Intent

BCL Bank Comfort Letter

ICPO Irrevocable Confirmed Purchase Order

FCO Full Corporate Offer

LOA Letter of Acceptance

POF Proof of Funds

POP Proof of Product

BG Bank Guarantee

ITARDLC Irrevocable, Transferable, Assignable, Revolving, Documentary Letter of Credit

DLC Documentary Letter of Credit

SBLC Stand-by Letter of Credit 

Please also check our Terms & Conditions.

You can download the required documents at LETTERS

Please send this to

We accept payments by bank transfer, small amounts by cash, Western Union and ofcourse escrow.

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