Super sacks Washing Powder

This product has a minimum quantity of 42000
Product Code: 510
Availability: In Stock
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We Mediate a offer from a customer of Stock Mediators:

Attached are pictures of the super sacks. This is an on going offer -

Price is 25 cents per pound FOB Close to below address.  ( $0.25* )

* Plus 5% commission

There is 800,000 lbs available right now - today.


Weight of each sack will vary between 1,500 and 2,000 lbs. We load slightly more than 42,000 lbs in a truck and / or container. We guarantee a net billable weight of at least 40,000 lbs. We do not guarantee the number of sacks - that is usually 26, 27, or 28 sacks.


For questions email or call us.

Price is based on take all.

MOQ: negotiable

Stock can be visited after L.O.I. and 5% deposit paid

We require a 100% important letter of intent (L.O.I..) with company profile: trade register HRB; USt; VAT.-No. , to make sure that you actually want to buy the product(s).

Deposit is negotiable with a P.O.F. or inspection is dun by S.G.S. the cost of inspection is for the buyer

Price is/can by sensitive to exchange rate

Prices is subject to change

Offer from: 2013-09-05

Product code: 510

Note: All offers subject to prior sale - first come-first served

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