Its possible to place one or multiple ad (s) after review of Stockmediators B.V.

Stock mediators B.V. reserves the right not to post your ad.

Stock mediators B.V. do not need to specify reason why they not post your ad (s).

You can use the database of Stock mediators if u searching for specific goods This will be placed at: ' Wanted '.

There are no cost for the provider of products.

The buyer pays our Commission.

For the buyer via Wanted a fee will be charged.

The costs may be different and are per case discussed but are never higher than 5 percent..

Before we start you must meet the following requirements:

  • - Company Name:
  • - First name:
  • - Surname:
  • - Address:
  • - Zip code:
  • - Place:
  • - Country:
  • - Telephone Number:
  • - Inschijfnummer (Chamber Of Commerce):
  • - VAT number:
  • - Also we need information about the product u searching for:
  • - Total description about products
  • - Pictures
  • - Target Price

Send it to: offers@stockmediators.com


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